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Admission Policies

We are here to represent the interests of our Members by protecting and promoting the force and reliability of the banking sector.

Only fully regulated Banks and Financial Institutions will qualify to become a Member. Cross examination checks of authorization and licensing with the local regulatory body will be performed to consider any Institution as a Member.

Membership is voted by our internal committee.

The IBA currently allows four membership options:

IBA Standard Members

IBA Standard Membership is available for banks that have their registered office, or a branch office, in a member state of the CARICOM as well as banks that have their registered office in any CARICOM member state.

IBA International Members

IBA International Membership is available for banks that have their registered office outside of a member state of the CARICOM Country and are seeking to comply with local regulatory framework within CARICOM member Countries or may benefit from pariticipating in the Association in any way.

IBA Premiere Members

Any legal entity or natural person other than legal entities eligible to become IBA Members may request permission from the Board of the Association to join as an Associate Member. Associate Members may take part in working group activities and attend General Meetings but are not entitled to vote.

If you would like to enroll please reach out to

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